Jaguar Honey *NEW*

Jaguar Honey *NEW*


We decided to offer this coffee, not only because it’s delicious, but a portion of the funds used to purchase the coffee goes toward preserving Jaguars in Costa Rica. You know how much we love Cats!

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Tarrazu
Farm/Farmer: Mora & Dintel S.A. (San Diego Mill)
Process: Honey Process (Pulped Natural Process)
Varietal: Caturra and Catuai
Altitude: 1,500-1,900 MASL
Tasting Notes: Red Apple, Graham Cracker & Almond

About the Honey Process

In the Honey process the mucilage (fruit) of the coffee cherry, or coffee honey, that coats the parchment is left on during the drying stage. The coffee is picked, de-pulped and moved to patios where it stays at least one week. It remains on the patios to dry until it has reached the desired humidity.

The Honey Process yields sweeter tasting coffees that are reminiscent of natural processed coffees. ​And, because of the shorter fermentation period the coffee acquires an acidity halfway between natural and washed coffees.​ ​In other words, the Honey process enables the production of coffees with some of the unique characteristics of natural processed coffee in less time and with lower risks of unexpected effects such as over-fermentation.

The Beneficio San Diego Mill

Established in 1888 the Beneficio San Diego Mill is the oldest operating wet mill in Costa Rica. In addition to its rich history and experience San Diego maintains its position as one of the top three mills in Costa Rica. It is constantly innovating and introducing state of the art technology to help it produce better coffees.

Beneficio San Diego takes pride in striving for ever increasing efficiency and quality standards, while working with producers to ensure good community relations and sustainable production for years to come.

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